Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but you make me so sad. My boyfriend will never admit it but I know he is in love with you. The way he refuses to talk about you and storms off when his boys talk about you. Anyone can see the pain in his eyes when you post on his wall saying I miss you bestie. We have never officially met, we have talked a few times on insta but yeah, my name is Isa and I just thought you should know. One love girl :/

First of all, this is fake. I know its old but its fake. I know the way Isa talks and its not like that. Secondly, you dont know the reasons why he storms off whenever my name is mentioned, I do and its not what you think. So go get a life or better yet, shove that bullshit story back up your loose ass please.

P.S. Merry Christmas, lol.

I gave you all of me.

My love, my money, my body, my time, my everything; so please dont be cheating on me. You may be really good friends with a flirty way of talking but the way you act around her, the way you talk to her, the way you call her and text her, it’s exactly how we were before we got together. If you are, tell me straight. I at least deserve to know from you than to find out the hard way.

After all that I have done for you, I deserve to know the truth.

I just want to die.









And that is what I really think. Depression, is not a nice thing.




Thank you, someone, for finally saying it.

Fucking great description! 

This describes my life. Thank you!

holy shit





when he tightens his arms around you, best feeling ever

I wish

wonder what this feels like

The best feeling in the world

god i wish i knew

You want to know what it feels like? It feels like you’re safe. It feels like no one can hurt you. You’re under his warm embrace. Feeling his muscles around your waist, your body being pulled closer to his… The feeling is indescribable. When they say it’s the best feeling ever, they aren’t kidding. Because in that moment, when you’re sharing body heat, there isn’t a place you’d rather be or a single thought that crosses your mind that doesn’t involve him. When a guy gives up all of his “manly” pride just to hold you close to his heart like this, is when we, ladies, need to realize that he truly does love us. And we need to not let it go to waste.

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this is the most perfect feeling

The most perfect feeling when you can feel him breathing on the back of your neck and his arms are locked in place ugh. I miss Callum.

i’m crying because i ship Stelena (VAMPIRE DIARIES♥), the gif is perf and all these comments. 

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Oh my fucking god, why do we have to make everything deep. Can we not just bask in the beauty of something. Like I just want to admire something but I can’t because everyone must write paragraphs about its importance.

haha omg yes thankyou^


One man who committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge left behind a note saying “I’m going to walk. If one person smiles at me on the way, I will not jump.”

“I make a point to smile at everyone I see now”

I wonder what goes through their head. I mean, it takes them quite a bit of time to hit that water. I wonder what plays back in their mind the seconds before they meet their death.



can we just

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time to set my laptop on fire bc of feels

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